Understanding Your Bill

Understanding your bill can be a bit confusing, so we broke it down for you by the numbers

If you still have an questions about billing or payments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Co-op Bill, by the numbers

  1. Man calculating billsAccount Number: This is your co-op account number. You are required to input this number for outages and other issues regarding your account. Please have this number ready when calling our office.
  2. Electric Bill Summary: This indicates previous and present meter readings and the kilowatt-hour usage for your current statement. This also gives current billing charges, previous statement charges, payments, and adjustments on your account. Any additional services provided, such as a yard light, is provided in this section also.
  3. Amount Due: Total monthly charge for your statement due upon receipt. The past-due amount is also shown if payment is received after the due date shown in section seven (7).
  4. Power Use: This area shows your average kilowatt-hour usage and cost per day. It also shows your days of service for that period. You will be able to use the bar graph to determine your highest and lowest months of usage.
  5. Messages and Important Information: Messages, announcements, notices, and important information will be posted in these two boxes.
  6. Due Date: Deadline to pay the bill without a late fee.
  7. After Due Date: The total monthly charge plus a late fee if bill is not paid by the due date.
  8. Disconnect Date: The date your service will be disconnected if the bill is not paid.