Continued Growth And Cost Reduction Results In Win For MEC Membership

Posted: December 14, 2018 at 7:00 am

Can an electric utility lower residential rates 5 years in a row, even as cost of power continues to rise?  Can this rate decrease happen when the members need it the most?  If you are a member of Marlboro Electric Cooperative the answer to both these questions is “YES”!  Marlboro Electric is proud to announce that it is lowering residential rates for an unprecedented 5th YEAR IN A ROW.  This rate decrease will help members when they need it the most……months when they will use more electricity.  For the first time ever, MEC will reduce the total residential energy charge percent for the months of December, January, February and March giving members a much-needed discount on their statically larger power bills.

“This year we decided to target a rate decrease at the months our members generally have the highest bills,” Chairman of the MEC Board of Trustees Bo McInnis said. “Marlboro Electric continually strives to be the cheapest utility in the state and a decrease like this proves it.  Let’s face it, at MEC we have been blessed beyond understanding, and when you combine that with the competitive nature of our Board, management and employees among other utilities, the true winner becomes our members!”

While other utilities fight to maintain their current rates, Marlboro Electric can continually provide its members with decreases due to its continued growth along with the successes of its for-profit subsidiary MDT.

“MEC strives to be as efficient as possible while maintaining the excellent service that has come to be expected from our members.” MEC president and CEO William L. Fleming Jr. says.  “It is our hope and confident belief that our company can continue proving to our membership that other than God, they are our organization’s top priority.”