Eyes in the Sky

Posted: June 21, 2023 at 10:22 am

Tree Trimming Maintenance is Vital to Keeping the Lights On
by Julie Scott

You may have heard, or even seen it before. The whir of a helicopter approaching is hard to ignore. Safely just above the long tree line running parallel to the power poles, it appears. You may wonder what it is doing.

Chris DuBose owns Southeastern Limb and Tree, now with operations in several states, including one in Marlboro County. His company helps MPD Electric Cooperative stay on top of overgrowth that may inhibit power in the future. It’s this type of proactivity that helps when storms, wind, ice or other inclement weather arrives. You may not think about the maintenance that goes into keeping the lights on, but it is vital to the health of the power grid.

It is quite a sight to see. The copter dusts the edges of trees to trim overhang and limbs with expert accuracy. If you do see the trimming and helicopter team at work,

please watch from the comfort of your home or at a safe distance in your vehicle.

The most obvious reason this type of maintenance is important is to prevent trees from falling on lines in severe weather. Not leaving overhang is key, especially during ice storms. Rugged terrain is where trimming from the sky is best, and swamps are the most challenging in the Pee Dee and Marlboro County. And the weather must be exactly right for the team to safely trim. No rain, no wind, no gray skies, and definitely no fog.

Every now and then, the necessary trimming will cause a few power outages, but they are typically very brief. MPD Electric is committed to notifying the public, especially our members, when this type of maintenance work is happening. Those notices will be announced via our Facebook page (facebook.com/MPDElectricCoop).

This proactive approach helps ensure MPD Electric stands at the ready when troublesome weather arrives.