Helping Our Heroes

Posted: June 18, 2020 at 3:42 pm


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all facets of life and business, but none so much as that of our healthcare system and its workers.  Due to the increased, unexpected need for medical supplies and other equipment, Marlboro Electric Coop is pleased to be partnering with Scotland Memorial Hospital Foundation in support of the local fight against Covid-19.

Critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is costly. A single-use PPE gown costs $1, while every disposable thermometer or disposable mask with shield is $3. Each much-needed reusable set of goggles comes with a $7.50 price tag, while reusable face shield head visors are valued at $25 apiece.

At last count, on May 1, Scotland Memorial had spent an unprecedented $73,000 on PPE, and the need for this crucial equipment continues.  With non-emergent surgeries again taking place in the operating room (OR), the hospital has taken extra steps to ensure that those patients remain safe. In order to avoid exposure, approximately 58 OR staff members take their meals in a ‘safe zone’ outside their work area, away from patients potentially infected with the coronavirus. Meals are provided to them by the hospital, adding another $487 in unexpected daily overhead.

On June 18, MEC’s Power to Serve committee was honored to present Scotland Memorial Foundation with a $500 check, enough to cover a day’s meals for those isolated OR staff members, plus critical PPE supplies. The Power to Serve committee raises money through charitable fundraising and returns it the communities we serve. Over the years, we have purchased coats for local elementary students in need, distributed valentines to those at the Marlboro County Council on Aging, and even held a Christmas party for Marlboro County Disabilities and Special Needs.

While the MEC Power to Serve committee is pleased to contribute, Scotland Memorial Hospital’s needs persist. If you or a loved one have been helped by the Scotland Health System or are in a position to give, we urge you to contribute to the SHCS Critical Needs fund at You may also mail a check to Scotland Memorial Foundation at 500 Lauchwood Drive, Laurinburg, NC 28352.

If you are unable to help financially, donations of essential protective equipment, as well as meals or snacks for their healthcare heroes are welcome. To coordinate item delivery or pickup, contact Kirsten Dean at 910-291-7553 or email her at