Marlboro Electric Crews Assist Those Devastated By Hurricane Michael in Virginia, Georgia, And Florida

Posted: January 8, 2019 at 7:00 am

In the wake of Hurricane Florence trudging through the Carolinas, another storm swept its way through other states.

Unlike Florence’s slow-moving rain bands that generated flooding in some areas, Hurricane Michael was fast and furious with winds reaching nearly 135 mph. These dangerous, straight-line winds demolished many communities in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.

After being in full swing with extensive repairs from Hurricane Florence and restoring power to their membership, Marlboro Electric crews hit the road to assist people, businesses and communities affected by Michael.  Working 21, 15-hour days consecutively, MEC linemen assisted Rappahannock Electric in Virginia, Grady EMC in Georgia, and West Florida Electric in Florida.

“We were tired but seeing Michael’s devastation motivated us to stay and help, no matter how long it took ,” said MEC lineman, Caleb Bailey. “We were honored to assist those in need.”