More Than Just a Financial Donation

Posted: May 21, 2019 at 7:00 am

The easy response would have been to write a check, but MEC wanted to give more than just a financial donation

The easy response would have been to write a check and move to the next topic of conversation. The easy step isn’t always the best one, and employees at Marlboro Electric Cooperative decided that they wanted to do more than just make a financial donation.

So, shortly after lunch on Wednesday, April 18, 32 MEC employees closed their computers, changed clothes and grabbed tools. They drove a few miles north of Bennettsville to Lake Paul Wallace and “adopted” the 3.2-mile trail around the freshwater recreational spot. MEC agreed to clear and beautify the public walking trail around the 550-acre lake.

“We are blessed to have an outdoor treasure, such as Lake Paul Wallace, nearby,” William L. Fleming Jr. said while clearing brush from the trail. “Our support will be ongoing so that community members can continue to visit the lake and enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, waterskiing and family picnics.”

In addition to clearing debris, manicuring the trail and maintaining the lawn, boating and picnic areas for years to come, MEC plans to erect distance markers along the route, install signage and benches, and expand existing fishing areas.

As a locally owned and operated cooperative, MEC not only invests in the success of the communities by delivering reliable, affordable and safe power, we also support community outreach efforts, economic development and help local people in need through Operation Round Up, WIRE (Women Involved in Rural Electrification) and more.

Photo credits: Hanna Cheek