Surge Defender

Protect Your Investment With Our New Affordable and Effective Surge Defender Program

How Does Surge Defender Help?

Power surges can cause costly damage to your home appliances. With the new protection plan, you can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected. Surge Defender protection devices are installed right at the meter outside your home, When a surge enters the home through the meter, your protection device will block the excessive voltage that is not safe for your large appliances.

Our protection benefits include:

  • 24 hour protection all year long for motor-driven devices
  •  Easy Enrollment
  •  Installed by a certified technician whether you are home or away
  •  Hassle and Maintenance Free!
  •  15-year Extended Manufacturer Warranty
  •  Only $4.95 a month with a one-time installation fee of $35.00

What is a Surge?

A surge is a spike in voltage that lasts for less than 1/60th of a second. But what does this mean in layman’s terms you ask? A good example would be to compare a surge to the blink of an eye. Every time a person blinks it takes about 300-400 milliseconds. There are 1000 milliseconds in a second. So every time you blink it takes around 1/3 of a second. A surge is even faster than the blink of an eye!

What Causes a Surge?

Surges can be caused by a variety of different events. The most familiar source of a surge is lightning. The typical lightning bolt can contain almost 2 million volts of energy and can cause severe damage.

Some other common causes of surges are wildlife interference and overall bad connections. Wildlife can be a small animal getting into a transformer. A bad connection could be as simple as a faulty ground or neutral connection or a tree limb touching a power line.

Some of the less known causes of a surge come from right inside your own home. Every time a large appliance such as your refrigerator or A/C unit motor switches on and off, it can cause a surge.

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