Trustee Message – January 2020

Posted: January 1, 2020 at 7:05 am

Ronnie Quick

The big ball has dropped on Times Square and the holiday decorations are packed away. For the children, Christmas break has come to an unwelcome end.

It’s the start of the 2020 school year, and soon the classrooms will be filled with kids – not to mention some teachers – counting down the days until summer break. In the meantime, we encourage local students to make it their best year yet.

Give Us An ‘A’

At MEC, we believe a good education is a fundamental part of a child’s success in life. Correspondingly, our Give Us An ‘A’ program was developed to reward students for their hard work throughout the school year.

Participating is simple. When your child receives at least one “A” on their report card, we want to know about it! Please share a copy with MEC by bringing it in person or mailing it to us at Marlboro Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 1057, Bennettsville, SC 29512.

All eligible students are entered into a drawing. Marlboro Electric will randomly select and award eight students, twice a year, at the end of each semester. From elementary to high school, all ages are eligible to win, and the contest is open to any A-student attending school in Marlboro or Dillon counties.

Marlboro Electric Cooperative College Scholarship Fund

At MEC, we celebrate academic achievement and encourage a love of education in our local youth. This is particularly important to me. When I was young—and trust me when I say that was a while ago—college was something few people attended.

In an effort to increase opportunities for local scholars, MEC trustees and management created the Marlboro Electric Cooperative College Scholarship Fund.

To help our members’ children achieve their dreams of higher education, four scholarships are available this year:

  • Two for $2,500 each at a two-year South Carolina institution.
  • Two for up to $9,500 each at a four-year South Carolina institution.

Eligible students must submit an application along with their transcripts for review by our committee. Recipients must be enrolled as full-time students. Awards are renewed annually, provided students maintain a 2.7 GPA. 2020 MEC Scholarship applications must be postmarked by March 15.

Find the application, along with additional information about the scholarships, on MEC’s website,

Questions? Please call Melody Nolan at (843) 454-2895.

Meanwhile, as local students, teachers and administrators head back into the classroom, we wish them all a safe and successful year ahead.

Ronnie Quick
District 8 Trustee