Trustee Message — October 2020

Posted: October 1, 2020 at 7:00 am

The Power to Serve You

Eddie GordonFirst nationally recognized and celebrated in 1964, October is National Cooperative Month. It’s a time to celebrate this long-standing way to do business and build communities.

At Marlboro Electric Cooperative, we strive to deliver more than just safe, affordable, and reliable power. We also work toward the common good.

As a locally owned and operated cooperative, we care about the communities we serve. Since 2015, our Power to Serve committee has raised money through charitable fundraising to help our neighbors in need. Along the way, we have been privileged to be involved with or contribute to the following projects:

Coats for Kids was started because an estimated one in five children lives in poverty, and necessities such as warm coats are often financially out of reach. Last fall, MEC’s Power to Serve committee contacted all the elementary schools in Dillon and Marlboro counties and obtained the sizes of children who were without or needed new coats, later delivering them to the schools for distribution.

Since 2004, the Marlboro County Disabilities and Special Needs Board has provided people with the training and services required so those with disabilities and special needs may function at their highest level. Last Christmas, Santa and his elves—jolly MEC employees—hosted a Christmas party with pizza and presents for each of the attendees.

While they were at it, Santa and his elves fired up the reindeer and visited several area nursing homes, where they provided small gifts for the residents.

Sandy Grove Missionary Baptist Church Food Pantry has fed 300 to 400 less- fortunate Marlboro county residents every year since 2002. The MEC Power to Serve committee was honored to donate $4,000 to help the pantry buy food and supplies, such as dry milk, canned fruits and vegetables, and holiday turkeys.

Run entirely by volunteers, Anne and Roger Grigg’s Community Kitchen of Bennettsville prepares lunch five times a week for area residents in need. In February, MEC’s Power to Serve committee cooked and served homemade beefaroni, corn, green beans, rolls, and cake to 114 individuals. It was such a fulfilling experience, the volunteers plan to make it an annual event.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Scotland Memorial Hospital has experienced an unprecedented need for costly, critical personal protective equipment. In June, MEC’s Power to Serve donated $500 to help fund the continued demand for important PPE, such as disposable thermometers and reusable face shields.

Founded in 1999, Man2Man offers area dads a free, comprehensive fatherhood program, employment coaching, help navigating the child support system, and even mediation with the child’s mother or other family members. This July, MEC’s Power to Serve committee was pleased to present Man 2 Man with a $2,000 check, enough to support fathers through the six-month fatherhood coaching program.

Eddie Gordon